Thursday, July 29, 2010

SIGH. Oh, Etsy...

You've made some awkward, questionable, and, at times, even downright BAD (i.e. malicious) decisions in the past.

But today's happy little accident just leaves me scratching my head and, well... wondering about you.

To-wit, for those of you who don't fancy clicking the link: Today, Etsy added a new "feature." What is this feature, and why is it so bad, you might ask?

It's an active cursor. In the Search bar.

On every. Single. Page. Even in shops AND on the Search results pages themselves.

This "improvement" has made it impossible to navigate the site naturally - if you want to use your keyboard to navigate, you constantly have to click on the side of the page to remove the active cursor, before you can do anything. It also ensures that, whenever you go to a previous page, you get relocated to the TOP of the page, instead of wherever you'd been before. Naturally, this "intuitive and helpful" change gets awfully annoying after the first three or so pages.

Oh, and did I mention that the active cursor appears on every page? Even in your shop? Yeah. Is Etsy trying to direct people OUT of our shops now?


This can only end in tears. And lost revenue.

Crap move, Etsy. Crap move...

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