Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mysterious Case Of the Baby Food Bomber

Well, okay, so no actual bombs have been involved (so far, anyway.) But someone has been leaving mysterious bundles of baby food at peoples' doorsteps around my apartment complex. Boxes of baby cereal, jars of baby food... they even left a baby stroller at one of the mailbox banks.

We don't know who it is, or why they're doing it. Due to the risk of... ulterior motives, the police have been telling people to throw the mystery food away - no one wants a rash of sick or dead kids on their hands, after all.

Which leads me to this... An open letter directed to the person responsible.

"Dear Sir or Madame;

People tend to be very suspicious nowadays, especially when it comes to things that would affect their children.

Therefore, if you are trying to be a Good Samaritan... You really would be better served by simply knocking on our doors to offer your assistance. By remaining anonymous, you are only inspiring people to throw away the food you're trying to give them, which is a waste of your money and your effort, don't you think?

So, really... please, just knock next time."

I really hope that they find out who's doing this, and that no ill comes from it. Sure, the person might be trying to help, but if they are, the way they're going about it is completely wrong....

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