Wednesday, July 28, 2010

These Dreams #1

Usually, I don't remember much about my dreams. When I do, there's usually some lesson or message in there for me. Time was, I didn't pay much attention, even when I probably should have - nowadays, I try to pay more heed to them.

Like this morning.

See, I dreamed that sis and I had moved in with mom. But we weren't living in the house she currently lives in - rather, we were living in the house we'd lived in before that one. And the two of us were staying in my old bedroom.

Unlike past dreams involving that house, though, this time the room was crumbling and falling apart. Only instead of the deteriorating walls and ceiling exposing wiring, the outer walls, or the environment outside... they exposed a much bigger, more beautiful house.

I still have to ponder over this dream a bit to figure out the message within, but it did leave me feeling peaceful and hopeful.

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